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GE GDF620HMJ0ES Dishwasher no light on door panel and one blink LED


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Dec 12, 2020
Branson, MO
If you guys dont mind I've got a few more questions. So last night when I plugged it in, it had said like 248 minutes so I just let it do its thing, when I woke up the clean light was on and all was good. Well, I loaded it up before leaving for work this morning and ran a cycle.

But...when I came home it was still in the same spot it was when I left and I can always here this clicking as if its trying to switch to something new in the cycle, but it never does. I unplugged it and got access to the main board to look at the service LED and it flashes three times, stops, then flashes one long one followed by two quick ones.

Once it does that little light cycle it will click a couple times and repeat the same series, but hundreds of times over. Occasionally the sump pump will kick on and act like it is draining but its been dry for hours cause its been running this cycle for literally eight hours. Do I need to dump some water in it to prime it each time so the pump can actually pump something or is something wrong?


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Jul 11, 2006
Murray, Utah 84107, United States
I simply took the door off of that one and put it on mine,
My guess is that you need to set the personality jumpers or you got one with a bad UI.
D-GE dishwasher personality.jpg