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GE GDT635HSJ2SS Dishwasher - sounds like drain cycle runs even if no cycle turned on


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May 29, 2023
Model Number
6-10 years
Hi! My GE dishwasher GDT635HSJ2SS is

1. not running a cycle correctly
- cycle timer counts down like normal
- doesn’t seem to be adding much water if any
- just sounds like the part of the cycle where it drain cycles off and on

2. When cycle timer counts down & should finish, it goes back to the start time and sounds like it’s trying to drain water. Even with no orange light on indicating a cycle has started and if the door is closed at all, it still makes this sound.

Things I’ve tried:
- cleaned the ultra fine and fine filter
- tried a reset I found online (sequence of pressing buttons on control panel)
- turned off dishwasher at breaker panel, waited at least 30 mins and turned back on…still same problem

Currently have breaker off it since it makes the noise like a drain cycle if anyone bumps the door closed, even with no cycle started and no orange light on the front. The control panel was staying lit.

No other problems that I’ve noticed until this cycle

Thanks for any help!!!
Hi, it sounds like the machine control board is faulty, telling the drain to keep running at all times.

You can check the machine control board STATUS LED (its located underneath the front on the dishwasher). Tell us how many times its flashing in a row, or if its STEADY ON or STEADY OFF.

Here's the machine control board(under the dishwasher) for your model: WD21X24900C

To view the STATUS LED, remove the lower access panel of your dishwasher. You DO NOT have remove the control board from its metal casing when you view the STATUS LED.

GE control 3.jpg

When you have that panel lowered down turn the breaker back ON to your dishwasher. When viewing it leave all the electrical connectors to it plugged in.

D-GE control board status led.jpg
Thanks for this! Just checked it and it flashes once every 2-3 seconds continuously.
1x per 3 seconds--->Dishwasher in not running a cycle, select a cycle and press Start.

It sounds like the flood switch, I located another person having this same problem:
Your model uses that exact same flood switch.

WD21X10519 Switch Flood Asm

Thanks! I’ll get that ordered & done and then update 👍🏽
Ok, sounds good.:)

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