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GE GDT655SSJ2SS Dishwasher starts then stops


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Apr 17, 2023
Model Number
6-10 years
GE GDT655SSJ2SS Dishwasher (5.5 years old). At first the dishwasher would not run and was making the 3 beep sounds like when you open the door( when the door was actually closed) in the middle of a cycle. After several resets by holding the wash cycle and start button it will now start and stop with out the beeps and sometimes makes ticks (electric clicks) with water starting to cycle then quitting out.

I found that if I started to unscrew the bottom panel after the cycle is started (cycle started with solid yellow light on but not actually moving any water) it would start to move water, run it's cycle and finish perfectly. I checked the power connections and everything looks to be ok. The UI never flashes like its not getting power either. I don't know if there is a loose connection? This has happened 2x in two days.
Hi Brent, a bad machine control board can create that false error code when the door is closed. So Let's first check the STATUS LED on the machine control board(underneath the dishwasher). Follow the instructions below.

Check the STATUS LED on the machine control board for a flash pattern, or if its STEADY ON or STEADY OFF. Make sure you keep all the connections to the machine control board are plugged into it while viewing that STATUS LED.

GE control 3.jpg

--->Here's the machine control board for your model: WD21X24901 Machine Control

Reconnect power to the dishwasher and view the STATUS LED. Make sure all connections on the control board are still in place.

D-GE control board status led.jpg

Let us know what you find.
My dishwasher has been working normally again so I am going to hold off on taking out the machine control board. If it fails again I will take it out and look at it. I do not fully trust that it wont breakdown again. thanks for your help! Great detailed instructions!
Ok, sounds good.:)

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