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FIXED GE GDT695SBL3TS No Power to Control Panel


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Feb 12, 2023
Dumfries Virginia
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1-5 years
My 5-year-old GE Dishwasher model # GDT695SBL3TS Control Display is dead. Dishwasher is getting power. Main control board Status LED is Steady On. User Interface voltage output from main control board 722 pin 2 and 5 is 13.95 volts. I replaced user control board with a new board (WD21X31902) and set the jumpers to personality 11 per the instructions and the Control Display is still dead. What would be the next step? Thanks in advance.
Do this--->Take a voltage reading at the wire harness to the UI Board at connector J401, then put your meter probes in--->Pin 1 and Pin 2 (Pin 1 is the Black/Green wire. Pin 2 is the Yellow/Blue wire.)

If you still get 13.95 volts at the UI Board connector J401 pins 1 and 2, then the UI Board you got is bad. Contact the place you got it from and they should be able to send you another new UI Board free of charge.

Here's the UI Board for your model: WD21X31902

Does your jumpers look set just like this below?

Jake, I took the voltage reading on the UI Board at connector J401 between Pins 1 and 2 and the voltage was zero on both the old UI Board and the new UI Board. Even though the voltage was zero at connector J401, my voltage sensor indicated voltage in the wiring harness and the board itself. To review, UI Board is dead, I have steady green light on the main control board, User Interface voltage output from main control board 722 pin 2 and 5 is 13.95 volts, and I set the jumpers to personality 11 on the new board, and the UI Board is still dead.


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In your photo you don't have the 8 2 1 jumpers set properly, those need to go inside that lower pin where you have 4 at, you have those above the pins.

So 8 2 1 need to be inside the lower and upper pins.
This retired old Marine apparently needs glasses. I moved the jumpers where they should have been and the control display came to life! Thank you Jake for the help and your patience.
Excellent, good job, glad to hear that fixed it.(y)

Thanks for the update and thank you for your service to our country!

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