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FIXED GE GFE28HMHEES French door temps on the rise

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Feb 7, 2020
Mission Viejo, CA
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Hi all,

New member here! First off, I wanted to say hello and thank ljschuby99 (YouTube) for sending me here to troubleshoot cooling issues on our "new-to-us" GE fridge. I apologize if the symptoms and solution have been covered in another thread.

Symptoms: Fridge temps vary from 36 - 55F. Need to press "TC" to bring the temps down to <38F. After about half a day the fridge starts condensing and temps increase to 50+. TC appears to only be a temporary fix. There is low air-flow throughout the fridge and freezer even after replacing the fridge evap fan. Full frost pattern (no excessive ice) on fridge evaporator but I did notice the thermistor has come undone and is just dangling in the compartment.

Repairs done: Replaced fridge evaporator fan with WR60X29099. The old fan did not spin at all and had evidence of rust from what appears to be previous ice buildup. Another member mentioned this might be the incorrect p/n? In either case, the new fan does blow air.

I have an Electrical Engineering background, so if there's anything I can test or replace I'll report back. Where are the thermistors located and how do I properly test them? Is there a debug mode on the fridge that can read out the temps from each thermistor? I'd hate to giveaway this beautiful fridge. Thanks for any help!

Oh and btw, while I shop for a new fridge and repair this one does anyone have a rec on a solid/reliable GE french door? My appliances are all GE so I would prefer to stick with the brand.


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Replaced fridge evaporator fan with WR60X29099. Another member mentioned this might be the incorrect p/n?
Bingo, we have a winner.:)
The Fresh Food evaporator fan motor is the wrong one for your model. Your model takes WR60X26866.

Here is where you can buy it:
WR60X26866 Fan Dc Ff Evap

Doh! This part is even cheaper than the wrong part I ordered. Do I need to program this fan or is it simply a drop-in replacement? Should I order anything else? Thermistors?

Anyone want to buy a lightly used WR60X29099? ;)

Edit - I'll run the diagnostics to check what failure codes (if any) are present.
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Thanks bigbuck for the tech. data sheet!

Its plug and play, no you don't need to order any more parts.

Having the correct evaporator fan motor will fix it all.:)

Hi @Jake,

Installed the WR60X26866 last night, ran turbo cool, watched it reach 37F, left for work, and came back to 55F temps! What do you think is going on? I feel like there is barely any air movement in the fridge.

Here are the fault codes -

0105 Condenser fan cannot reach target speed
001a Not listed on tech data sheet
001d Not listed on tech data sheet

I then ran the condenser fan test and it read out 1451 which I presume is in RPMs. Not sure what the target speed should be.
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Clean your condenser coil thoroughly and keep us posted.

Make sure the condenser fan motor is running too!

Hi @Jake, yes the condenser fan is now sucking in air. The dust completely blocked the airflow. Newb question, is the condenser coil the grate-like structure that is wrapped around the fan? If so, it is now clean and the fridge is running at 36F. Time will tell if this did the trick.
Yes, the condenser coil is the entire wrapped around coil with the dust clogging it up.

the fridge is running at 36F
Glad to hear your back in business. (y)

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