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GE GFE28HSKSS Fridge running cold and freezing food in crispers


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Nov 16, 2022
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1-5 years
Back in November I fixed the refrigerator evaporator fan motor because it was freezing the food in the crisper drawers and warm on top, plus had frozen the water line so no ice or water was dispensing. It's been working fine since but recently it's freezing some food in the crisper again and overall the refrigerator is cold everywhere. Water and ice are dispensing fine. Is this the same issue or something else? I wouldn't think a new fan should last such a short time. Thanks.
I wouldn't think a new fan should last such a short time.
Here's that previous thread:
Did you order the OEM evaporator fan motor that I posted the link to in post #2?

If you did, then you have a 365 day warranty on it from AppliancePartsPros

If you got a aftermarket evaporator fan motor, those don't last and they give out quickly.
You think it's that same evaporator fan again even though the ice line didn't freeze and it's not warm on top of the fridge this time? I did order a GE OEM fan.
It well could be, does it seem to be running normal like it should be when you installed it?
I don't know if the fan is running normal. I only know there is partially frozen food at the back of the two crisper drawers and there is ice build-up behind them. The differences this time is the temp doesn't appear to be warm at the top of the fridge and the water line for water and ice has not frozen. That and the fact I replaced the evaporator fan with a new OEM one in November/December of last year is causing me some confusion over just replacing it again. Thoughts?
Yes, this is kinda odd, You may want to contact GE at 1-800-432-2737 to get a authorized GE tech. to come out to see what's going on.

I've not run into this situation and I've replaced many of those GE fan motors and never got a call back with this problem after installing them.

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