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GE GFW550SPN0DG won’t complete a spin cycle


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Jun 28, 2023
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1-5 years
Ran into the issue of the washer not competing a cycle. Would leave the clothes sopping wet and sudsy. I’m a mechanic by trade which probably worked against me. Put it in diagnostic mode and it would not spin for more than 5 seconds on test 14. Looked at the schematics and figured since the hall sensor lines ran in and out of the motor then it had to be the problem. I replaced the motor and ran test 14 again and it ran fine for more than 5 seconds so I put a load in the wash and it did it again.
Additionally, this started after I made the mistake of downloading the app and hooking the washer and dryer to it. I think the washer tried to run an update and it got cut short which may have caused the issue. I don’t know. The washer won’t connect to the app again like it did the first time. Also test number 3 and 4 revealed that the critical and non critical application versions do not match now. I’m about to tap out and call a tech and hope they have a better diagnostic tool that can solve the issue.
Update. I updated the software on the app after finally getting the thing to connect. Ran a quick wash and it wouldn’t complete it. Tried test 14 again and it failed. Error code 3 popped up along with 91 calling in a tech.

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