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GE GSS25WSTMSS water dispenser not working and paddle sticking


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Mar 21, 2023
Model Number
More than 10 years
Two problems I started having with this oldish 12yo refrigerator.
Water dispenser no longer dispenses water. Ice is made and ice works fine. I tried unplugging it and letting it thaw for awhile to see if it was frozen. Took a wire up the nozzle about 4 inches to see if something is clogged. It wouldnt go past about 4 inches.

Tried hair dryer on the nozzle and interior side of the freezer. This sort of melted my paddle and bent it a little and now the paddle spring sticks open, and I have to pull it forward to stop the ice. When I press the paddle I do hear a click. I haven't been able to get the bottom baseboard unscrewed to check the line down there to see if that is frozen. Anyone have any thoughts if that is what I should check next?
Well the water started working again after I messed with turning off and on the paddle about 20 times and jiggling the paddle around. The last issue is with the paddle being loose and the spring or whatever isnt retracting the paddle back to stop the water/ice flow. I have to manually pull forward on the paddle.
Check that Door Recess Spring to make sure its not gone bad.

Here's the Door Recess Spring for your model(Video Included in part link):
WR02X10585 Door Recess Spring

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