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GE GTD72EBSN0WS Error Code 10


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Sep 30, 2020
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1-5 years
Hi all,

My dryer was working fine, all the sudden the cloth is not dry.

I ran the diagnostic and it show error code 10.

I ran test 8 temp go to 102 I stopped, ran test 9 it run for 1 second then stopped on it own showing 289. I fan feel the dryer is very hot so I thing the heating elements works.

Ran test 10 it jump 49, 48, 47, 49....

What is code 10?

Where to get the part?

Thank you
Here are the error codes: And tech sheet!


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Thanks Bigbuck.(y)

Here's the parts list for your model: https://www.repairclinic.com/ProductDetail/2332675

I always advise my customers to clean the moisture sensor bars with rubbing alcohol and see if that makes a difference.

The sensor bars can get a build-up of fabric softener film from the dryer sheets, like Bounce, and cause this problem. Lots of members here have said the rubbing alcohol cleaning fixed their dryers.

The moisture sensor bars are located inside the dryer below the filter housing.
Here are the error codes: And tech sheet!
Thank you for the info.

Sensor rod is the the moisture sensor near lint cover. How to test it?

Did is what I tried:

Test 1 I let the dryer run empty on on quick dry it only run for about 2 mins then stop.

Test 2 put in diagnostic mode, go to test 10 it show 49=4.9v. when I shorted the sensor it dropped to 09=.9v. and when I stopped it slowly go back to 49. Per manual it up to 5v. I also clean it with rubbing alcohol with same result.
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TEST 10 Moisture Sensor Test--->Press the start button to begin test.
--->The control will display the voltage reading from the moisture sensor in tenths of a volt, with one decimal place accuracy, using 2 digits of the SSD. For example: 4.3 volts will be displayed as 43. The valid range for this is from 0 - 5 volts.
--->Rotate the cycle knob to end current test and advance to next test.

So if you got 49=4.9v that test passed.

The tech. data sheet does not say what to do next if the test passed.
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