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GE GTD84ECSN0WS dryer won't heat


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Apr 4, 2013
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1-5 years
My dryer will run a full cycle but it does not heat up, not even a tiny bit. Indoor and outdoor lint filters are kept clean.

Cycled breaker, confirmed 246V at the plug.

Opened the rear hatch and found the wiring diagram inside.

I ran through service code tests 8-12 and all showed expected results except that the dryer never heated up. (thermistor tests show solid 70 degF and it does not rise even though the coils should be powered).

I have good continuity from L1 to J-101-3 so the HIGH-LIMIT (One Shot Device) is good.

I have good continuity from L1 to K-501-R so the Inlet Safety and Outlet Control Backup are good.

When running test 8 (outer coil powered) I can see 120V on relay K501 terminals.

When running test 9 (inner coil powered) I can see 120V on relay K502 terminals.

It looks to me like the coil connections both go into the drum motor connector, which doesn't appear to be accessible without pulling apart the dryer body. I assume my next step is to check the resistance across the coils, but I can't do that without physically gaining access to the coils or the drum motor, which means I have to pull everything apart.

Does that sound right? Am I missing anything else?

Thank you!


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Here is a service bulletin and the tech sheet.V-14 on wiring diagram is the Purple wire. Need to look there as stated in Service Bulletin!


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  • HL01-21 Service Bulletin.pdf
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That's it!

The service bulletin says that I cannot splice it and must replace the entire harness...anyone have a link to the complete harness? I'm having trouble finding it on any of the usual sites.


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