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FIXED GE - GTW460ASJ7WW Doesn't take enough water on initial fill. Seems like it's stuck on sensing fill. Bulk, Towels, Jeans, Active ware do not light up.


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Sep 25, 2021
Los Angeles, CA
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1-5 years
GE - GTW460ASJ7WW was working fine a few days ago. During a small load the washer didn't drain properly. Kept filling water. I changed the springs today and cleaned it up a bit.

Now, I can't get the washer to take small/medium/large water. Seems like it's stuck on sensing wash only. Also the bottom half cycles do not light up. When I select towels and hit start, it makes an ding ding error noise. Did I fry my board or should I try the "Tub Pressure Chamber Port Flash"?

Any help would be appreciated.
All of the top issues now + the motor keeps pulsating when it starts the spin cycle. Tomorrow I will get a new belt + put the old springs back. Maybe I put the wrong colors in the wrong order. My belt has a small split starting.
Thank you Jake.

Everything up and running. The fix was.. my springs were fine, it was my new belt. I ordered a belt from Amazon, turned out the belt was a bit larger than the original GE. The appliance parts store was closed over the weekend. They had the OEM which fit perfect.
As far as my bottom row of lights not working. I guess I changed the personality of the machine when I was going through the codes. The book helped me figure it all out. Everything seems to be working well without fault codes.

Thank you!
Excellent, glad to hear the new OEM belt fixed it.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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