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GE GTW680BSJ1WS Drain pump permanently on when plugged in, grease on floor.


Jul 17, 2023
Savannah, GA
Model Number
1-5 years
This evening my drain pump suddenly turned on by itself with no input while washer was in idle mode. The only way to stop the pump is to unplug the washer. While this is happening, the display flashes as if power were being rapidly applied and removed.

Upon moving the washer, a splat of grease or dirt of some kind is on the floor with some water underneath where the pump is. Upon inspection, it look like this is coming from what looks like a relief valve of some sort (see pictures included).

Two days prior, the drain pump was not activating, so I removed it to check for clogs and replaced it. The issue turned out to be the sensor tube coming disconnected from the main board in the back (service code 12), but I cannot help but think this event is related to my removal and replacement of the pump. The nature of the flashing display makes me think that something is being shorted somehow, but I'm not sure if anybody else would have any clues. I can replace the drain pump entirely, but I am hesitant to do so if that might not fix the problem.


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I have/had a similar issue, minus the mess under the pump. I say try putting into service mode and then exit it, and see if this clears it up. I think it is possible that if the pump was say running for hours with no one home, that the mess under the pump might be caused from the pump beginning to fail due to over use (a total guess).

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