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GE Hotpoint washer need manual to disassemble, how to remove front panel


Aug 25, 2012
Urbana, Illinois
Model Number
As seen from the title, I need to find out how to remove the front panel. I found my washer had drained the water from the load, but apparently did not spin because the clothes were drenched with excess water. I tried to turn it to spin cycle and heard it sound like it was trying to spin, but it didn't. I could smell something like burnt rubber. I think maybe the belt is slipping or something like that. The switch on the top clicks like it should. just want to get front panel off so I can try to turn the tub manually. Any tricks are helpful. I read about using a putty knife to undo clips, but have not figured out how this works.


Hi Barry,

Jeff has a good detailed page here to take the front panel off to access the inner parts and the belt: http://www.applianceaid.com/genew.html#new_access

Yes, its possibly a bad belt. When you have the front access panel off put your washer in spin and see if the belt is turning or not.

Here's the belt for your model(Access/Install video included):
GE WH1X2026 Drive Belt


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