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GE Induction PHS930SL1SS 30 - 2019 Convection oven turns on broiler.


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Jun 12, 2022
San Jose
Model Number
1-5 years
My GE PHS930SLSS induction range is only 4 years old. Today, I was using the large burner, the convection oven on 350 degrees and the timer when all of them turned off. Also noticed the area of the panel where the clock is was pretty hot. I heard a clicking sound when turning the convection oven back on, but I could hear the convection fan working, so thought it was a one time occurrence. I thought my baked dish was done, so left the oven off. When the item I was baking cooled, I realized it was not fully baked, so I turned the oven back on (convection) with the door closed and waited for it to heat up. Instead, the broiler apparently turned on with the oven door closed. I smelled something a few minutes later and when I opened the oven there was smoke.

Anyone have an idea what is wrong with this stove/oven? I checked the breaker and it had not flipped, as I guessed because I was able to turn the burner back on, so I have turned the breaker off and will soon turn it back on to see if this repeats. Appliance Parts states they have no record of this model number. Is that because it is induction?

Thanks for any assistance.

Added correct model number
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Hi, your missing a digit in your model number. Read it from the model number tag on the machine.

Click here: Appliance Parts

Then you will see a link that says: How to find a model number.

Thanks, Jake -
You're right. I looked it up on the display. It is PHS930SL1SS and I found this link:

Do you happen to know whether there is a way to ask the display to show error codes? I did find and download the error code list, but did not see it flash an error code.

I couldn't locate the schematic or service manual for your model number or I could tell you how to get into your error code history.

You will probably need to contact GE at 1-800-432-2737 to have a tech. come out.

I found the tech sheet and it's attached below.

Page 3 says "F-codes are not shown on the display when they occur. They are stored in eeprom and can be retrieved by pressing Broil + 2 for 3 seconds. Then press 3 to show F-codes. The control will show up to five distinct faults and show how many occurrences of each. Press Clear/Off to exit."


  • Tech Sheet PHS930SL.pdf
    488.1 KB · Views: 113
Thanks Robert!

Well, here's what my range told me. I'll start looking up all the Fault Codes after work tonight to see if I can get a sense of what the underlying issue(s) is/are. Hmmmm, can't upload an Excel file--will print to .pdf first.


  • GE Profile PHS930SL1S Induction.pdf
    56.6 KB · Views: 133
Ok, yes do that.:)

Well, I color coded those that are the same message. This looks to me like it's all over the map. I sure wish I could track the dates of the error codes to see what has been occurring recently. Wonder if on my original .pdf the codes were ordered with the most recent ones first and then those occurring earlier at the bottom of the list. Anyone know? Any thoughts on this in the overview?

Thanks so much for taking a look, fellows! This information has really been most helpful.


  • GE Profile PHS930SL1S Induction with fault codes.pdf
    68.4 KB · Views: 91
That's very strange, I don't know what to make of that either, Robert what do you think?

That's all of error codes, but it seems that most of the error codes say that User Interface (control panel) has stuck buttons couple dozen times.

Also noticed the area of the panel where the clock is was pretty hot.
So, I'm wondering does the oven vent from the top of the door or the back of the oven? Does all of the control panel respond when you touch the buttons? Heat could be the reason why it thinks there is a stuck button if there isn't one. There might be a loose connection to the control panel if it's getting hot while the oven is off.
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