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GE Induction Range PHS920SF2SS multiple error codes FA92 and F760

Elliot Gesang

Premium Member
Apr 14, 2023
Graham Washington
Model Number
6-10 years
I am new to this forum. I repair a lot of appliances and this one has me a bit stumped and I need some tech advice before I order some very expensive parts. I am working GE model PHS920SF2SS a few months out of extended warranty. The 4 burners were intermittently turning off after 10-15 seconds. Error code FA92. So I assumed it was the generator module because it was all 4 burners. Part # WB27X27186 . But then the oven started doing the same thing.

I would run for a bit and then it would quit also. so I retrieved the error codes using the tech guide I found on this thread and found multiple errors with code F760. Per the guide this indicates to replace the logic board. Part # WB27X21393
so before I order anything I wonder if one of you guys can help me confirm that the logic board would cause both problems and I only need to order that part and not the induction generator module also?
Hi Elliot,

I've not worked on this model as of yet, but yes our tech bigbuck posted the tech data sheets for both problems here:

Per the tech data sheet on the F760 all it says is to replace the logic board, it doesn't mention how to confirm that's the problem.

So you maybe looking at ordering both parts, unfortunately.

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