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GE JB860SJSS lower oven light coming on while cooking and food taking a lot longer to cook, door switch replaced.


May 24, 2022
Model Number
1-5 years
GE JB860SJSS Double oven

A few months ago we started having issues with the lower oven light coming on while cooking and food taking a lot longer to cook even through the oven showed it was staying at temp. Trying to self clean the lower oven it will work for a short time and then throw code (sorry I don't remember) and stop the self clean cycle.

With the light coming on when trying to use the lower oven I figure the door switch was bad and ordered one. Once it came I pulled the stove out and pulled the back off the stove since I didn't know how to replace the switch right away. I found the neutral wire inside the oven at the junction block was pretty much burnt off from a loose screw arcing where the pigtail connections is. I ordered a new junction block and repair the wire and installed the new door switch. unfortunately the lower lower oven problem persist.

Testing the old door switch it seemed test good (at room temp anyhow). Is it possible I got a bad switch or maybe one the of the boards inside might be bad from the neutral being loose and arcing? Everything but the lower oven works correctly. and the Lower oven does work just not correctly.

Thank you in advance!
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