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GE Mini-fridge WMR04BAPBBB : want to transform into a wine cooler


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Nov 30, 2022
Hello all - I have an old GE Mini-fridge WMR04BAPBBB that I want to transform into a wine cooler.

I'd like to adjust the thermostat so that it can maintain the temperature at wine-cooling temperatures (59-64F). However it doesn't look like this thermostat is adjustable to make that happen.

One brute force way would be to use a Z wave temp probe, and Z wave on-off switch (power cord of fridge connected to) and use my Z wave hub logic to power the fridge on and off to keep 59-64F. But I don't like the idea of continually yanking the power supply on and off (seems like it could be hard on the appliance).

It seems best solution would be to replace the thermostat with an adjustable one. Suggestions on what to use or how to accomplish?
Well I went ahead with the Z wave sensor / switch solution and it works. Basically unless the door is being opened the power only has to kick on for 10 minutes, twice a day to keep the temp in that 59-64F range I'm looking for. I guess it will work for now, until/unless a better plan comes along.
Thanks for the update.(y)

I would help you but I know nothing about doing this transformation from a Mini-fridge to a Wine Cooler.

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