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GE Model #: GFW450SPM1DG not completing cycle - help identify part and function, please?


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Nov 30, 2022
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1-5 years
I have a GE washer Model #: GFW450SPM1DG which is not completing the cycle. When it stops, the clothes are wet - clearly the spin/drain hasn't completed. On another thread, I read about a water sensor being the problem, but I have replaced that with no change. Further research found a thread that indicated a possible clogged port that connects the tub by a tube to the level sensor.

That was a few months ago. Today I tore into it again and found a white plastic part at the bottom of the tub, which connects by a tube to the level sensor. If I blow into the tube, I can actuate the level sensor, so I think I'm on the right track.

However, the part doesn't seem to do anything. It plugs into the bottom of the tub and is sealed there with an O-ring (and two screws). If I blow into the part that connects into the tub, it's like blowing into a capped pipe. Nothing happens. I can't get any air through it.

The plastic is somewhat translucent, and there's some discoloration. I'm wondering if this is a piston kind of thing that should be moving with the water pressure to activate the level sensor.

Can anyone tell me if I'm on the right track?


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Can you please update your last thread:

Yes, you should be able to blow through your air chamber, aka air dome.
Ok, so this washer you no longer own?

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