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FIXED GE Monogram Refrigerator ZISS360DRAS no power to compressor.. Thus not cooling


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Nov 16, 2021
Yougstown, Ohio
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First, I want to say that this forum is awesome!!! Thank you!

Over the past few days, I've read and re-read the procedures for testing my monogram not cooling problem... It turns out that the compressor is not running while all fans and lights are working.

Following Rick's guide, I tested the voltage with all wires connected at J15.. I have 5.28v there. Is this enough?

I have 0 volts at the compressor connector with all wires connected. I have 10 ohms between the compressor connectors. Except one was 8ohms. (possibly the probe wasn't fully connecting)

Does the voltage reading mean I most likely have a bad inverter board? If so, what inverter part number should I order? I can't find it even in the troubleshooting guide.

Given the fact that they're pretty pricey, I don't want to order parts again and again...

Rick is right, I replaced the inverter on a GE refrigerator 3 weeks ago in Quartzsite, Arizona and the compressor started right up and it was cooling great as I was leaving the customers house.:)

Hey Guys. I just wanted to post that I finally found the solution for this problem.. I replaced the inverter AND the main board but still had the issue. I double checked the compressor OHMs and found that they were infact all the same (slightly less than 10 ohms.)

While testing the impedance, I noticed a spade tab on the compressor near where the 3 phase connector attaches. To my knowledge, it didn't have any connection when I pulled everything out. (and according the schematic, the compressor should get it's ground from the carriage frame.)

On an off chance, I just pressed the green and yellow ground wire onto that tab... And Viola! The compressor came to life!!!! and has been running properly for 2 weeks since.

So if your compressor won't fire up, try putting the Green with Yellow striped wired on that tab. You might be surprised...
Excellent, good find.(y)

Thanks for letting us know!


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