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GE PDT825SSJ0SS dishwasher: green light does not light after cycle, holding down Start button for 3 seconds does not shut off indicator lights


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May 2, 2023
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1-5 years

I have a GE PDT825SSJ0SS dishwasher. I had the three beeps and flashing yellow light problem. Thanks to this forum, I determined the problem was a MC board and replaced it.

The dishwasher now runs but has two new problems. The first is that the status light turns off after the cycle ends; it should turn green. The status light does turn yellow when the dishwasher starts and stays yellow throughout the cycle.

Also, when I hold down the Start button for three seconds, the indicator lights on the top of the door do not shut off. There is a single beep after 3 seconds.

The machine control board underneath the dishwasher should of come with a instruction sheet that shows you how to set the personality jumpers, did you do that first before you installed the new machine control board?

Here's the machine control board for your model: Configured Mc Board WD21X31900
Ok, do what I mentioned in this thread:
Its the exact same model number as yours.

Also--->Check the STATUS LED on the machine control for a flash pattern, or STEADY ON/STEADY OFF LED. Make sure you keep all the connections to the control board plugged into it while viewing that STATUS LED.
I held down the Start and Cycle Select buttons for 5 seconds. The indicator lights flash. I close the door. The indicator lights are constantly on.

The control board STATUS LED lights once per 3 seconds throughout this time.

1x per 3 seconds Unit is not running a cycle. Select a cycle and press Start.

Sounds like you have a defective machine control board, contact the place where you got it and they should be able to send you another new one for free.
Yes, I wasn't running a cycle when I got 1 flash per 3 seconds. I started a cycle and it flashes 3 times in approximately 3 seconds.

I have not yet reassembled everything, as I want to make sure it's working before I do. Could that cause these issues?

Possibly yes, make sure all the electrical connectors are tight and secure on the machine control board too.

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