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GE PDT845SSJ2SS circulation pump won’t run


Apr 6, 2022
Model Number
1-5 years
GE model PDT845SSJ2SS. Initial issue presented with cycle complete indication, dishes not clean, dirty water in tub, wife unhappy. Entered el consumer error code mode, F37 displayed. Can’t find that error code in any literature I can find - anyone have a service manual for this model?

Troubleshooting continued in absence of FCode insight. Initiated service mode, demanded drain pump activate - pump does not run. Demanded circ pump activate, pump does not run. Demanded water valve open - valve opened. Demanded fan run, fan runs fine. Drain pump removed and inspected, no clogs or instructions, turns freely by hand. Drain hose had no obstructions, removed from dishwasher and freely drains water to disposal.

Circulating pump removed and inspected, no clogs or obstructions and impeller freely rotates by hand.
Flood switch float seems to work properly, when water level rises float will close valve. If float removed entirely and valve demanded to open in service mode, water will continue filling. Return float into position and valve will not open when demanded with tub filled with water.

Control board inspected: service led on board flashes 3 times when circulating pump demanded to run in service mode. Inverter boards service light flagged one second on one second off as standby while circulating pump demanded to run. 120vac present in control board j702 supplying power to inverter. J711 5vdc present.

All seems like pump should be running, but inverter thinks it’s in standby and not being demanded?
Control board service LED flashes one on one off when drain pump is demanded to activate in service mode, inverter LED also flashes one on one off as if in standby.

Is there a sensor that is a start permissive or interlock preventing pump from running? Door latch sensor is confirmed working since water fill valve and fan activate in service mode.

Motor winding resistance is in spec, TCO resistance is in spec for both pumps.

Only other anomaly is what sounds like coil whine from surgery on the control board or maybe a capacitor giving up the ghost?


Appliance Tech - Admin
Staff member
Aug 24, 2004
Redmond, Oregon
Here's the service manual for your model: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vUUXq54uhVXGMWX7DylkrOWz_L7v-21P/view?usp=sharing

Page 53--->Inverter and Motor Diagnostics Circulation and/or Drain Motor Will Not Operate

Do the troubleshooting flow chart on that page and let us know what you find.

Here's the machine control board for your model you can order, if needed: WD21X24903 Machine Control

Here's the inverter assembly for your model:

Here's the wash circulation motor assembly for your model: