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GE PFE28kskdss temperature control issues


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Aug 4, 2023
New Hampshire
Model Number
6-10 years
Hi. Unfortunately i am experiencing problem with my ge pfe28kskdss.

Initially I noticed higher temperatures specially in the top portion of the fresh food section. Upon investigation discovered ice and frost built up behind the bottom drawers in fresh food. Initial research lead me the the conclusion that the drain tube was clogged so i went ahead and defrosted the fridge completely (1-2 days). And apparently fridge started working fine for the next couple of weeks with all the stuff in it.

After 15 days or so started facing the same issue but this time I decided to change the ff evaporator fan as that was one of the most common issues with these fridges. Even though the old fan was working. Again the fridge started to run fine.

During all this time the freezer section was working great. Now what i noticed is that there is thick ice blocking the freezer bottom vents and freezer is no able to maintain the 0degree temp and is mostly at around 32degree f.

Following are the error codes that i was able to capture:
0010 1time 4day
0107 7time 0day
0101 16time 0day
0304 1time 1day
0105 14time 0day
0200 1time 4day
0201 1time 4day
0721 1time 2day

I have also observed that the outer side around the freezer section getting warm to the touch. But when i run the condenser fan manually 0049 it turns on and the outer freezer section gets back to room temp.

Any suggestions what could be the potential root cause? Control board, condenser fan or soemthing else?

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