GE Profile Bottom Freezer


Jan 7, 2015
United States
The ice maker on my 18-month old refrigerator/freezer quit working and, after following directions in the manual, I replaced the water filter. (Incidentally, the replacement filter from GE cost at least twice as much as the same filter from another supplier.)

That didn't work so I called GE and was told that maybe the line was frozen. Per, their direction, I unplugged the refrigerator for a few hours so as to unfreeze. Imagine buying a refrigerator for which the 'repair' is unplugging it for three hours!

That didn't work so I called my local appliance repair store. The ice maker was broken after 18 months! After a $350 bill, I now have ice.

Regarding GE, I had to replace my 1 year old GE washer/dryer rather than pay another incredibly high bill to replace the unit's transmission. Can you understand why I will never buy another GE product?