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GE Profile Dishwasher Leak PBT650-660


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Feb 3, 2022
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Less than 1 year
HI There Everyone!

I have this GE profile PBT650-660 and I cannot figure out if my dishwasher has the active vent on it or not. I am 99% positive my dishwasher has a hidden vent inside of it and its not meant to leak out of this spot in my picture. If anyone has any insight into why its doing this or if its normal i would very much appreciate some advice. The people at GE don't even know if it has it or not. Attached a picture. Thanks everyone.


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Take a picture of the complete model number and serial number!
Has a vent fan parts 420. Hard to come up with Canadian models but that moisture in the picture is not normal.Found a parts list though!


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Ok thank you. That is what I thought. I have a feeling its either the door is crooked or the seal is bad.
I currently have a tech scheduled to come look at it under warranty, but apparently they cant get to it for like 3 weeks.

You can see the door doesn't line up perfectly when its closing now that I'm looking at it, it still latches, but the door doesn't line up perfect when you close it and the seal seam is lifted a bit it looks like.
ya like that is what i am thinking. Makes a guy just want to pull and bend on the door because it so close.
Some of this stuff is design problems. Tried to find a USA service manual that would be close but came up short on this Canadian model.
Ya like im starting to think this model isnt around anymore for a reason. I cant find i for sale anywhere now.
I just thought id post some more photos, but you can see a slight difference in the alignment on the door and a buldge in the seem so im not sure which it is

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