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GE Profile Electric oven (PK7800SK6SS) not heating


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Jun 7, 2023
Harleton, Texas
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1-5 years
Beginning four days ago, I went to preheat my oven and it would not increase from the starting 100 degrees. I felt the inside and the broil heating element was cold. The fan was blowing. I switched the oven to broil, as well as tried convection bake- no heat. I checked continuity for broil/top element-good and replaced the temperature probe. The only odd thing was my son accidentally hit the self clean button and cleared it and it immediately showed error. Any help would be appreciated. The problem began after the error, but does not currently have any errors. It clicks and the fan blows, just no heat.
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Disconnect power to your oven for 5 minutes and see if that resets it.
Thanks Jake for your reply, I actually turned it off at the breaker for about three days while I waited on the temp sensor to come in. Installed the sensor, and still no heat. The top element has continuity. I can’t get to the hidden bottom element without removal. But I assume if the top won’t heat even on broil, it has to be something else. Any ideas?
I'd first check the limit switch for continuity, make sure the breaker is OFF to the wall oven before you do that. Use a multimeter to ohm test it for continuity. Its behind the back access panel on the back of your oven. You will need to pull the oven out from the wall to get access to it. I'd suggest having someone help you pull it out from the wall, these wall ovens are heavy.

Here's the limit switch for your model you can order, if yours ohms bad.
Limit Switch WB24T10164

You can watch this video to ohm test it for continuity:


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