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GE Profile PSDW3YGXCFSS freezer/fridge warms up during the night


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Apr 12, 2017
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GE PSDW3YGXCFSS side-by-side freezer temp goes up to 5 F (only at night). Fridge side also warms up. During the day w/ opening/closing the fridge, temperatures seem to be holding up. I also see some water accumulation in bottom fridge compartment (may or may not be related). Thx for the help.
That's most likely a defrost cycle but it doesn't last very long, maybe an hour. If you start noticing wide swings in temperature or if the freezer starts thawing and refreezing replace the motherboard. The water on the floor is most likely due to a blocked drain line under the evaporator coils. You may need to remove the back panel to access it. Use a hair dryer to melt the ice then use something like a turkey baster to flush very hot water through it.

WR55X10956 Main Control Board
GE Profile PSDW3YGXCFSS water/moisture accumulation on fridge side

Rick, thx for the help. The temperature swings went away after I replaced the motherboard. There was a blocked drain line under the evaporator coils, removed/replaced the drip pan and the entire evaporator/fan module. But the fridge side still collects water under the last drawer and also shows signs of moisture inside the fridge panels. Any solutions? Thx much.
Read this service flash. I believe it was issued before your model but is worth checking out:


  • Service Flash Dual Evap Forming Ice Ball in food compartment.pdf
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Hello Rick,
I have the same GE profile PSDW3YGXCFSS. I replaced the mother board and the thermistor in the fresh food section but I notice in the morning the freezer is between 5 and 9 degrees and the fresh food at 43. Towards the night the Freezer will go back to zero degrees but the FF section stays at around 40 to 41 degrees

Freezer is set to zero and the FF section to 37. Also lots of condensation on the inner left wall of the FF section but sometimes it would dry up and other times it would remain much longer. Any help you are able to provide will be much appreciated.

Are all the fans working? Feel the compressor and see if it is hot. Check for an ice ball on the custom cool unit. Do you have your tech sheet?

WR49X10180 Ac De Ice Ball Kit
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