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GE Profile PYE22KSKFSS refrigerator temperature erratic


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Apr 10, 2023
Model Number
1-5 years
Freezer was working fine, but refrigerator temp had climbed up to 58 degrees - temp set at 36 (I have a sensorpush in it to monitor performance after an issue a few years ago). Tech came out and replaced the FAN DC FF EVAP (Fresh food drawer evap fan). He ran Turbo Cool which drew the temp down to -3 before it settled into a range between 57.8 and 31.9. Previously it was very steady. He came back out and ran diagnostics again, no error codes. He said I didn't have enough stuff in it to work properly. We loaded it up with items and pattern still continues. Suggestions?
Ok, that's usually the refrigerator evaporator fan motor that has gone bad, when it does that problem. I replaced one locally back in April 2021 in Parker, Arizona and it fixed it.(y)

Do you hear the refrigerator evaporator fan running inside the refrigerator section?

Is this the one the tech replaced?
Refrigerator Evaporator Fan Motor WR60X26866
Yes, that's what he replaced. He came back out today and ran his diagnostics but it showed no error code, but as you can see from the picture I attached from the sensorpush, there is still an issue.
but as you can see from the picture I attached from the sensorpush, there is still an issue.
Yes, I know that, but since I can't be there, then you will need to get the tech. back out to see why this is happening.

Maybe he/she forgot to plug one of the sensor connectors back in place, have him/her redo their installation of that evaporator fan motor and they will likely find the problem.:)
The tech came out for a 3rd time and replaced the FAN DC FF EVAP in case the first replacement was defective. Ran his diagnostics again, and said no codes come up. Still running erratically. When he took the fan out to replace it, it was frozen. I can hear it running and I can feel air coming out of the top of the duct. Any idea where I can get the service manual for this model online? Looking for info on how to check thermistors on this model as a next step. Any other suggestions?
When he took the fan out to replace it, it was frozen.
Wait, I remember a service bulletin about this issue, I'm attaching it below. Sounds like you need the Fresh Food Fan Moisture Kit.

LINK->WR49X26666 Ff Fan Moisture Kit

I couldn't locate the service manual for your model, hopefully another tech. or member that has it can upload it here.


  • WR49X26666 Fresh Food Fan Moisture Kit.pdf
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