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GE Profile Refrigerator - How to Triage Coolling problems for Fridge and Freezer


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Mar 31, 2014
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6-10 years
Hello all-

I have had this GE profile (French doors with freezer on the bottom) refrigerator since 2007, pretty much without any issues.

Then one morning few days ago, temperatures for both compartments started to rise, ultimately settling at 47 degrees.

We have a tendency of dumping stuff into the freezer so I thought it was nothing more than something getting caught between the freezer and door gasket so I unplugged and plugged the refrigerator for 1 hour, then left the doors for both compartments closed overnight.

Next morning, temperatures were back to normal so I thought I had fixed the problem but a day later, I had the same temperature problem again.

My next step was to completely leave the refrigerator unplugged for 2 days, clean the condenser fan/coils, then try to cool it again so that I can take off the freezer panels and observe the evaporator for frost patterns.

Unfortunately, after 4 hours of being turned on, the refrigerator shows no signs of cooling (I can hear the fan blowing).

At this point, I am unsure how to attack my problem. Due to being ripped off from some "professional" service tech people in the past, I would like to try to identify and fixing this problem myself.

I am somewhat comfortable with a DMM so I can take basic readings of thermistors, etc. (BTW, I inspected and found no burns on the main control board).

Would someone be able to give me an overview guide as to what I should test, in which sequence?
Not an expert myself... but you can check a few things first.

First make sure the compressor and condenser fan are running. You can inspect the fan and feel the compressor on the backside of the refrigerator. The condenser coil should be hot if the compressor is running. If it's not running, check if the compressor is getting the voltage. And the invertor has the right voltage too. The invertor could be the weak link in the electrical circuit. Otherwise check control system. Check the thermistors, etc.

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Next, make sure the evaporator fan is running. If the coil is not cold or no frost there, you may have a sealed the problem, e.g. plugged orifice, leaks or other problem that are not easy nor legal for DIY.
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thanks for the suggestions.

while reading in this forum, i think rick has suggested some techniques in detail to a similar problem (GE Profile French Door Refrigerator Freezer Not working properly).

so i went ahead and measured the voltage on j15 located on the main board, but I was confused by the reading.


can someone help me?
Have you confirmed the compressor is not running? One easy way to test is to unplug the electric cord, put your hand on the compressor and plug it in to feel the difference. It should vibrate... And the liquid line (small tube) should be hot.

If you are sure the compressor is not running, then you need to verify the inverter/compressor is getting the voltage. The post you mentioned above it a good one. It has the photos to show which wire to test. You should have 5 VDC on J15.
I guess what I need help is the readout on that DMM.

I expected to see 5-10 VDC but ended up with 0.142? Could the reading be this low?
Yes, that reading is too low.

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