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GE Profile Refrigerator PSS29NGMDBB temps will not go below 23 & 44

Tide 22

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Aug 6, 2019
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More than 10 years
I was having the same problems as everyone else. Freezer temps would start going up so I would unplug it so it to defrost, then it’d work again for a while. I cleaned the condenser coils and rest of back of fridge, but still had problems. I finally replaced the following parts: (1) defrost heater & bracket assy {the bulb was bad} (2) the temperature sensor (3) the defrost limiter thermostat and that’s when I began having the problem above. I then replaced the temperature sensor board and the problem remained, so I finally gave in and replaced the main control board. Now the temps remain as stated above and a fan runs continuously. The compressor is working (kicking on & off). Could it possibly be stuck in the defrost mode? Would love suggestions? Thank you.
Tide 22 said:
replaced the main control board.
What's the part number?
Tide 22 said:
The compressor is working (kicking on & off).
Please explain kicking on and off. Turns on then immediately turns off and repeats?
Cycles normal. I just used “kicks” instead of cycles.

Which part# do you need.
Part# for Control Bd is: WR55X10942P
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It looks like you replaced a lot of defrost parts. Did you defrost the evaporator with a hair dryer to remove all the frost? Leave the machine plugged in and running. Remove the evaporator cover and take a few pics of the frost pattern on the coils.
Yes, I did defrost it. After I left that last post, I began thinking and I thought about the fact that the bottom half of the freezer wasn’t getting as cold, so I took the back off again and couldn’t tell if the fan on the condenser was working or not. I put a fan blowing air across the coils and it is now cooling as expected. The strange thing is, I unplugged the fridge to check if the fan moved freely and when I plugged it back up, the temp for the freezer went to 0 and has stayed there even though I have adjusted it several times ranging from 2-6 degrees and before unplugging it the temp was 23. The fridge side started at 42 and is now at 36 which is were I last set it, but the upper fan is still running. If i’m thinking correctly, I believe I need to replace the condenser fan, but what about the fan that continues to run? One more question, I know the temps are supposed to go to the actual temp upon plugging it up, so any ideas or do I just have a haunted refrigerator?
You're spot on. Replace the condensor fan motor. I'm going to give you the pinouts on the board so you can check the voltage to the fan motor. Here's the motor:

Here's the pinouts:

Thanks Rick. I’m going to try this out this weekend. Fortunately that is also one of a hand full of parts I already have left over from problems we had several years ago on a secondary fridge. It’s also a GE Profile and just 2 years age difference. Hopefully, this will fix this one for a while. I’ll let you know first of next week how it goes. Thanks for your help so far.
Sounds good. Make sure the boards are the same part number. Keep us posted.

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