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GE PSB48YGXSV Freezer Cooling Irratic mostly 12F to 24F

Olde Man

May 21, 2022
Model Number
My GE refrigerator is not operating properly.Fresh Food operates as it should. The freezer rairly is satisified. I have blown out the condensor and checked for air leaks. I have performed the thermister test and passed all. I checked the resistance to the following and they seemed to be in line.
Thermisters (The resistance are read and the temperatures are calculated)
Freezer Air 20.69 Ohms 14F
Freezer Evap 22.19 Ohms 10.4F
FF Air 9.7 44F
FF Evap 13.01 Ohms 32F
Ambient Air (could not locate and no red wire on cn3 #6) This refigerator has not been molested and has worked for years this way.
3 Way Valve Stepper Motor
All either 41 Ohms and in series 82 Ohms. I can feel it pulse 6 or 8 times after power up to go to the FF and Frezer mode. I do not know if it ever goes to the freezer only mode when the FF is satisified.

Freezer Fan Cn6 1 to 3 2.54 Vdc
2 to 3 10.92Vdc
FF Fan Cn5 2 to 5 2.45 Vdc
2 to 6 .25 Vdc I am assuming the differance was the FF was closer to setpoint.
The freezer defrost heaters measure 38.5 Ohms
FF 1.4Amps and 4.3Amps FF & freezer
The condensor has a clean fan and coil and has 10f dela T from ambiant
14 Ohms each phase
1.1 Amps 197Vac bouncing between 4.8Khz and 5.6Khz
Ref Temps at compressor are 97F and 139F with a reading of 158F at the high
Current cabinet temps are 35f and 11F
Control Board
The AC voltage output to the compressor seems to be in steps as opposed to being proportional. I have seen 51Vac 1180Hz to 1200HZ when at temp, 179Vac 4500Hz to 5600HZ and 197Vac with the same 4500Hz to 5600Hz swinging from one to the other faster than my meter could keep up. I replace the control board with a new one after It looked like the capacitors on the VFD were not reading normally. The choke and the filter read ok.
I thought that possibly that I had a freezer evaperator defrost with freeze up problem, but that seems to check ok. I also suspected the three way valve sticking and not going into freezer only mode. The stepper is working or at least part way. The control board has the VFD intalled on the board so it does not give me a way to isolate the control function from the vfd at a connector. I thought the the compressors were supposed to operate fron 80 tp 240VAC and in the 55Hz to 130Hz range or did I read to much on the internet. Did I buy a bad board with the same problem as the one that I replaced? I would not think that a 3 phase motor would operate at capacity with the freq bouncing all over the place almost as if there was no relationship between the phases.
Thanks in advance for any response.