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GE PSS26PSWASS actual temp doesnt match temp on panel, also freezer not getting to set temp.


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Sep 27, 2022
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1-5 years
I bought a used 2019 Model (i think due to the serial numbers listing several years for the letter that denotes year made), GE PSS26PSWASS. I'm thinking I got scammed as the seller said the fridge was good but it seems to not be working properlt and hadn't plugged it in overnight like I asked them to. I Should have walked away but it was over an hour drive one way in my fuel guzzling truck in 110 degree heat in phx, and I had helpers meet me there to load it. So here we are.

First off the freezer is set to 0 and the freezer never reaches that temp on the panel, I doubt it does inside the freezer either. I have put a thermometer in the freezer and will know better tomorrow what actual temps are. Judging by how The fridge side never matches what The panel says though makes me skeptical The freezer is any where close to what The panel says. The panel says the freezer gets to 3 degrees but it's rare it usually hovers around 8 degrees and goes up to 15 degrees in defrost mode. This makes me scratch my head in wonder since ice doesn't thaw at 15 degrees to what is happening here?

The fridge is set to 34 and the panel says it does reach 34 get the thermometer inside the fridge on the lowest shelf I can put it on, reads usually in the mid to high 40s. No I'm not testing temps during defrost mode.

The fridge has been plugged in for over 48 hours now. It has no food in it.

So I have a couple of questions. First is the temp difference normal between actual and what's on the panel? I'd assume not but you never know.

Second is the fridge section supposed to go from 34 to 44 degrees (panel temp reading not actual inside fridge thermometer reading) in defrost mode? I realize the compressor and evap fan turn off and a heating element turns on to thaw the ice on the evap but shouldn't the damper between the freezer and fridge close so the fridge stays relatively the same temp as long as the door isn't opened?

My 5 year old lg French door fridge has a refrigerant leak so I got this side by side fridge to replace the lg. I feel like I have 2 bum fridges in the kitchen right now and I'm not happy at all about it.
Put jugs of water in the freezer for a load and see if this changes anything. Also make sure the fan near the compressor is running.
The condesor fan is running. I just checked it. On the next defrost cycle im going to clean the condensor with a vaccum and compressed air although its not that dirty to begin with.

Do you know any info about the other questions I have listed above?
As for the temperature in the fresh food section you need to check food temperature i.e put the thermostat in s cup of water. Your cup of water should be close to the set temperature. Checking air temperature is not the greatest way.

The reason I wanted you to load it with water jugs is because it could account for some of your temperature variations.

The temperature display is not real time because people would freak out if they opened the door and saw the temperature start rising.

You can also remove the back of the freezer and describe what you see. There should be a thin layer of frost along the entire coils. If it only goes part way you could have big problems. Make sure the compressor has been running for a while before you check it.

This thing is so close to being right I was thinking loading might be all you need to do.
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I put two water jugs in the freezer and it took about 12 hours to freeze solid. I checked about ever hour. The temps didnt change, the fridge didnt change its behavior at all.

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