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FIXED GE PT9200SL3SS Twin Flex Oven Doesn't Control Temp


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Jul 15, 2019
Norman, OK
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1-5 years
The upper oven does not control heat--just keeps heating until I turn it off. This problem affects only the top oven. The top oven was working perfectly until the following sequence of events. I had attempted to remove the lower element so that we could clean underneath it. I expected to be able to remove the screws and pull out the element and disconnect the wires. I was able to pull it out a little ways but not far enough to see the connectors. I didn't want to pull excessively, so we just cleaned around the loosened element. The next time we tried to use the oven, the buns were over-done on top and under-cooked on the bottom.

I thought that the bottom element must have become disconnected when I tried to remove it. So, I pulled the oven out of the cabinet and discovered that one of the lower element spade connectors (female) was "fused" or welded to the oven frame and was no longer connected to the spade lug on the element. I separated the fused connector from the frame and re-connected it to the element hoping everything would now be OK. Well, it was not. Apparently, one or both of the elements is "on steady" once you put it in bake mode (or even warm mode".

So, apparently, this short-circuit damaged some control circuitry. The temp sensor appears to be OK because the temperature readings appear to reasonably track the oven as it heats up. I'm hoping for some guidance on isolating this problem. I have a good multi-meter if that helps. Thank you, DClark
You have to always make sure you disconnect power to your machine before attempting to even move the element for cleaning, even though its OFF, you still have 120 volts going to one side of it, thus that's how that "fused" connector happened.

So most likely it damaged the relay board, thus now it won't turn OFF.

I don't have the schematics/wiring diagram for this model to tell you which relay board to check, you have 2 relay boards on this model, looks like one for the lower oven and one for the upper oven.

Here's the parts location photo that shows those 2 relay boards:
(click to enlarge)

#407 is this one: Relay Board and Frame Asm WB27X33345

#408 is this one: Relay Board and Frame Asm WB27X33346

Looks like they are located in the very back of the upper section, so you'd probably have to pull it out from the wall to access them. Make sure you disconnect power to your machine first, if you plan to do this yourself.

Then use a multimeter to ohm test the BAKE element relay on both boards and see if you have continuity one relay board and no continuity on the other relay board. Normal would be no continuity when the unit is OFF and power is disconnected to the machine.
The BAKE element relay on the upper oven relay board 408 was in fact closed with power off. I replaced the board and it seems to be controlling fine now. Thank you so much for your help.
Excellent, glad to hear that.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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