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GE QuietPower 3 Model GLD4560N10SS: No Water During Cleaning Cycles


Nov 7, 2022
Model Number
6-10 years
Ran a normal wash cycle. I didn't get any water in during initial rinse or cleaning cycles. I did get water for last two cycles. Here's a timeframe that I recorded:

00:00 Start, silence, not filling as expected
00:30 Rinse cycle, no water
04:00 Pump cycle, no water
05:00 Silence, not filling as expected
05:30 Clean cycle, no water
08:30 Pump cycle, no water
09:30 Silence, not filling as expected
10:30 Clean cycle, no water
38:30 Pump cycle, no water
39:30 Hissing, filling with water
40:30 Rinse cycle, water
43:30 Pump cycle, removing water
44:30 Hissing, filling with water
45:30 Rinse cycle, water
53:30 Pump cycle, removing water
54:30 Ends

If I run china or rinse cycle, there's no water at all. The door is fully closed, the switch is engaged the whole run, and the run doesn't stop (except for the 30 seconds it's trying to fill, but nothings happening). I check the float switch and it's reading L ohms open and 0 ohms pressed. I didn't take apart the fill valve, but looking at the way it was filling during the 39:30 and the 44:30 fills, it makes me think that's not it. water had good pressure, jetting in horizontally.

Am I missing something else to check or is it just the main control board?


Appliance Tech - Admin
Staff member
Aug 24, 2004
Vicksburg Junction, Arizona
Here's the parts diagram: Body Parts parts for GE GLD4560N10SS
The float is #305, float dome #302, float switch assembly is #308.

Check the float to make sure it moves up and down freely and nothing is stuck underneath it. Also make sure the float switch is good and not sticking.

If that is good, the only part left that tells the water inlet valve to come on and fill is the control board.

Here's the control board assembly for your model:
GE WD21X10247 Main Control Board Kit
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