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GE Range JB645RK4SS hot cooktop light on


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Sep 30, 2020
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1-5 years
Hi all,

Only 1 of 4 burner still function. And the hot cooktop light is always on.

If I remember correctly 1 larger burner went out after the cooktop light stay on all the time. Then the second and 3rd burner stopped working within a few months range.

Now only one of the smaller burner still work.

I did a continuity test on all the elements and all still good.

I don't know how to properly test the thermal limiter.

Thank you
Thank you for the tech sheet.

Put on some protective glove and did a live test. Magically 1 of the other smaller burner it working again. Before the burner lit up I heard a click. Guessing the thermal switch closed and now send power to the element. Now I have a total of 2 smaller burner working.

But the 2 big burner is not working.

When I put the probe on 1&2 1&3 2&3 no voltage

When I put the probe on 1 on the element 2a on thermal limiter no voltage same as 2 and 2a

Did a continuity test 1a and 2a failed no continuity

Did a continuity test on the control knobs it passed

In Conclusion no voltage going to the 2 big burner. And the continuity test on 1a &2a on the limiter switch failed.

Does that mean the 2 big elements and thermal limiter need to replace since the continuity test on 1a & 2a failed?

What about the problem going into (before) the thermal limiter? What else could cause no power going into since the knobs switch continuity test passed?


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