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GE Refrigerator GSE23GYPBCFS "ERR" Solution Needed


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Jun 13, 2022
Model Number
Less than 1 year
RFID water filter (XWFE) for side-by-side refrigerator (GSE23GYPBCFS) initially dispenses water for 30 seconds then the "err" code indicates the water filter isn't detected (description in troubleshooting section of manual). When I enter developer/service mode (by pressing all 4 temperature control arrows) 15, it restarts the system and the water works then err error is triggered with the red light. Water line isn't frozen. Tried 4 genuine GE filters. Water supply and pressure are fine. After system reset, the filter status button light is green with 99% remaining water filter life indication. Once I stop using the water dispenser initially or after say 30 seconds, the err code and status light turn red again and no buzzing is present after it faults. The ice dispenser motor engages properly. Water reservoir in fridge doesn’t stay full. No ice either. Ice maker was unknowingly on for 14 hrs for initial cooling without water line attached. Saw RFID manufacturer defect with the inability for the filter to communicate might be the problem.

Tried mode 04 (dispenser to main board communications) and passed
Tried mode 07 (thermistor self-test) all passed
Tried mode 09 (dispenser recess heater test)

Does anyone have a remedy or experience with this issue? Greatly appreciated!!

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