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GE Refrigerator GYE22GYNBFS Light suddenly dim


Premium Member
Nov 30, 2011
Grand Blanc, MI
Model Number
Less than 1 year
Our refrigerator is basically new, less than a year old. My wife was wiping it out the other day, and afterward we noticed the interior lights are suddenly very dim. The LCDs seem to be on, but there is so little light inside. I don’t understand it. I thought that perhaps she bumped a knob or a switch on the inside, but I cannot locate one. I also searched through the manual and don’t see anything that she could’ve accidentally bumped in there that would cause this. Thoughts?

By the way, the freezer lights are just fine. This is just a refrigerator. Thanks!
Most likely the LED board. Call GE and set up a warranty service call. Everything is covered for the first year. If you attempt a repair you risk losing your warranty.

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