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GE Refrigerator PFE29PSDASS not working , compressor not running, Inverter and motherboard replaced both brand new.


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Sep 2, 2021
Laredo, Texas
Model Number
6-10 years
Please help with my fridge, is not cooling at all, all LED lights working ok, temperature display shows correct temp at 69f (room temperature) the only thing running besides LED lights and display is the small outside cooling fan.
I have replaced the inverter first without luck, i got 120vac going towards the compressor, i HAD 2.4vdc (mostly continuous without variation) going towards the inverter from the original motherboard. Now i got a new inverter and new motherboard. The voltage output from new motherboard towards inverter fluctuates between 1.6 and 2.7vdc and of course compressor wont run. All the connectors from the harnesses fitted ok but i noticed that this board has some other options for other models since a see a few empty connectors on my new motherboard. The fans inside the fridge and/or at the freezer are not running at all but i assume is because the compressor is not running ?? Please help !
Here's the compressor inverter board for your model:

Rick tells you how to test it, start reading at post #2 here:

No there is not.


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