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GE Refrigirator not cooling enough


Apr 21, 2014
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6-10 years
Hello, great site guys, congrats !
I have been seaching for weeks of a solution for my refrigirator. Found lots of good information which helped me isolate some of the problems. I called a service man last week and he informed that the problem was on the evaporator fan motor, so I went out a bought a new one and he relaced it for me. After the refrigirator was running for 2hs I noticed that it was the same as before and nothing had changed. So after spending $150 I was back to square one. After googling how to test an evaporator fan motor, I found a video shwing how you can do this with a 9v battery, so I did the test and found out that the old motor which was replaced was still running so that was not the issue, I then removed the back panel and noticed that the compressor was very hot to the point you can not keep your hand on it, I also noticed that the condensor fan motor was not running. Again I pulled it out and did the 9v test, which proved the motor was also working, I cleand the condensor coils and and replaced the fan. I also check if there was power coming into the terminals that feed the condensor fan, and it showed 13v, meaning that there is power coming from the control board. Now why the condensor fan does not come on, I really do not know, and I am concerned that the compressor is overheating and will soon give in..I removed the internal panel from the freezer compartment andchecked if these was ice on the coils and took a photo to show how it looks. I have run out of options now and desperately need help.. if there is anyone out there who can assist me with my problem I will very much apprciate it.
Thanks so much


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