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GE Room AC ASW24DES1 compressor stopped kicking on altogether - Thermistor

Ray Elkins

Aug 10, 2021
murray ky
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More than 10 years
Thanks for the add. I've got a General Electric ASW24DES1 AC unit that I cool my shop with. Recently (after a period of keeping the room temp around 5-6° above the set temp) the compressor stopped kicking on altogether and it seems pretty obvious the discontinued thermistor (#WJ27X10050) is the issue. I can pinch it between my fingers and the compressor kicks on and the unit cools. I've been unable to locate a replacement thermistor and I can't find the specs necessary to interchange it. Anyone out there know what I can do to get this thing cooling again (other than standing beside it pinching the thermistor)? I really don't want to dump $650+ on a new unit.
Thanks in advance!!
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Dan O.

Appliance Tech
Staff member
Oct 9, 2004
Ontario, Canada
Ray Elkins said:
I can pinch it between my fingers and the compressor kicks on and the unit cools.

To me, that might indicate it is working. It is changing resistance in response to temperature increase which is what it is designed to do.

I don't know that they go out of calibration but if they do and if it's a PTC thermistor where the resistance increases when temp. increases, it might be possible to offset the sensor's resistance by adding an external resister to the existing thermistor circuit. Measure the resistance before and after you touch it. It might be possible to splice in a resistor of that difference to offset the thermistor's response to trigger operation.

If it's a NTC thermistor where its resistance lowers when it gets warmer, the above won't work and you may have to just search for a compatible thermistor. I do not know the specification of the original but might be listed in the unit's wiring diagram and tech sheet

Alternately, as near as I can tell that model looks to have been made by Samsung. Try to find a Samsung parts supplier or service depot to see if Samsung might use a common thermistor on their A\C's you can try.

Dan O.
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