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GE side by side refrigerator GCF23KGWCWW very slow to start after maintenance


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Nov 26, 2015
Model Number
More than 10 years
This GE side by side refrigerator model number GCF23KGWCWW had a defrost problem and I found the defrost heater part WR51X10055 was burnt out.
I defrosted the coils, replaced the heater, replaced the panel and put everything back and turned the refrigerator back on.
The control panel lit up showing temperature 0 in the freezer (impossible as it had been open to room temperature for hours and defrosted) and 65 in the fresh food (reasonable) but the refrigerator would not start.
The compressor did not run and the evaporator fan did not work when I pressed the freezer door switch to make the freezer think the door was closed.
I left the refrigerator (with both doors closed) and researched why it would not start.
Finally a couple of hours later I found the refrigerator running, the temperature showing reasonable numbers, and it cooled down to the set temperatures within a few hours.
It has worked fine for a couple of days now.
Is this delayed start normal? Is there a way to help it start? Is this an indication of a failing overload/start relay?
I would appreciate any help.
Was this only a one time thing that happened? Or is this continuing to happen daily?
It happened once before, a couple of years ago, again after maintenance.
It seems related to loss of power to the refrigerator for a while.
I haven't noticed it happening any other time.
It's possible it happened after a power cut, but I didn't notice.

By the way, do you know where the technical service sheet would be located?
Also any way I can get a service manual for this refrigerator?


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Thank you for the Technical Data sheet, that is very helpful.
It looks like this refrigerator does not have self diagnostics, then?

The serial number is AR440174 and I believe that decodes as made in 2007.
I guess 15 years is pretty good.
I've read that new refrigerators are not as reliable as these older ones, so it's worth keeping them going.

So the long delay before starting remains a mystery?

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