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GE Spacesaver JVM139K 004 saved


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Apr 8, 2013
My neighbors tree was struck by lightning, split it & blew the bark off a very large old oak tree.
The loud explosion and flash woke me from a dead sleep KAPOW!...next morning I surveyed my electronics.
Most all of my electronic are on surge suppressors, and everything was OK,
Except, my old 1993 GE over-the-stove Spacemaker Microwave was dead.
I open it up and inspected, nothing obviously blown,
Checked the fuse, OK. Pulled the control panel w/ main "smartboard".
It looked OK, it was a Samsung w/ a large Samsung 60+ pin IC part# WB27X912
Hmm, I didn't find much wrong. I wondered about replacing the caps as a shot in the dark repair.
I read up that the boards are often the weak link.
Still, one really needs a microwave. Why order parts that may or not fix it?
So I began the search for a smartboard for this 20 year old oven.
I went through several online parts stores and the all showed the smartboard not available/obsolete.
I found only one NOS board w/ photo on eBay for $125 New WB27X912 General Electric GE SMARTBOARD Control JVM132K 004 | eBay
I could buy a whole new GE JVK series oven @ HomeDepot for $179!! or at a local bent & dent store for less than $100!
No thanks, so I continued to Google the board & circuit #s, w/ no luck.
Then I found MicrowaveDisplay<wbr> dot com. I called & emailed Monday. He did not reply until Friday.
Better to send it out to someone w/ experience w/ this board I thought.
Mr. Miller asked if I had checked the fuse, then refered me to GE diagrams w/ instructions.
I had pulled the smartboard but for shipping purposes he said reinstall it back into the frt panel for protection.
When he got it, he then reminded me that he needed the control transformer, something I overlooked so, it was a few more days to get that shippped to him.
My USPS Pmail tracking shows it "Out for Delivery April 05, 2013, 9:20 am".
Then later, THE SAME DAY,

Friday, Apr 5, 2013 17:19:44 PDT, the GE Repair Invoice arrived from Paypal, which I paid immediately.
8 minutes later I got the USPS Click-N-Ship® shipping notification that my smartboard had been shipped.
Monday (today) 04/08/2013, about 2pm,the package arrived.
I opened the well-packed box, found a rebuilt board w/ all new caps AND a new touchpad and in about 15 minutes I had reassembled the oven.
I was very happy that everything works on my old GE Spacesaver oven now.

I came here thinking I would reply to any others that were happy w/ their repairs, & was sorry to read the complaints against Mr. Miller of MicrowaveDisplay.com. His wife's profiles says they have had some hard times, he has had some heart probs, and I would be disappointed too if my board was now returned, repaired or not. Still, with the only available replacement NOS board at $125, I considered sending what could have been a totally smoked board out for $39.95 was a good gamble. His communication was slow at 1st, but did rely the next day once we began. I was happy with the work, the solders look good, and got a very well reconditioned/rebuilt control panel and smartboard w/ a new touchscreen!
USPS Pmail to 'ship to' was $5.44 and $39.95 recon included return Pmail. You can't beat that. :cool:
Thanks Mr. Miller & MicrowaveDisplay.com.
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1st I opened communications, I would not send anything to anyone w/o doing that beforehand.
2nd when I printed the service request form, I selected his 'pay by PayPal' option, so if the board was toast, no biggie.
Thats the way to do it.:)


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