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FIXED GE Washer GFW850SPNRS Does Not Properly Dispense Fabric Softener Due To Faulty Update?


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Apr 23, 2023
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1-5 years
I have a GFW850SPNRS Washer. I’ve noticed that around the month(s) of December (2022)/January(2023) my washer received an update via the Smart HQ mobile app. Since then, my washer does not properly dispense fabric softener. It also fills it full of water instead of completely emptying the compartment once a cycle has finished (which is inept & counterproductive given the entire purpose of the Ultra Fresh ventilation system). My washer has always emptied out all of the liquids from all of the compartments after any cycle has completed. Every compartment of the tray is emptied out except for the fabric softener compartment. It is left with the product diluted and filled up to the top, and sometimes it doesn’t even interact with the fabric softener at all (the exact amount remains within the compartment) when a cycle has finished.

Yes, I have followed all of the steps of troubleshooting guide.
Yes, the dispenser tray has been cleaned (it wasn’t clogged to begin with it).
Yes, I have cleaned the upper ports where the water flows down on top of the tray.
Yes, I have enough PSI coming in, 50 PSI to be exact.

After a lot of time & money spent & wasted purchasing fabric softener products, trying to troubleshoot this ridiculous issue (which should not be occurring whatsoever), I have managed to narrow down the malfunction to these parameters:

1. If the EXTRA RINSE feature is enabled on any cycle, then the fabric softener WILL NOT DISPENSE. The compartment will only fill up with water, along with the softener still left inside. This also occurs when running the Rinse & Spin Cycle.

2. If any selection is made above the “Normal” soil setting (on any cycle), such as “Heavy” or “Extra Heavy”, then the fabric softener WILL NOT DISPENSE.

Sometimes the only method that will dispense the fabric softener is to run a Bulky/Bedding Cycle without changing its default parameters (save for the water temperature option). Yet, it will still leave the compartment full of cloudy water when finished (again, this is counterproductive regarding the purpose of the Ultra Fresh ventilation system), it is suppose to leave the entire tray dry, as it used to do. Running other wash cycles doesn’t always yield consistent results.

This was never an issue in the past. Why has this operation changed in this manner? What exactly has caused this function to change? Has anyone else experienced this?

I suspect that the firmware update was faulty/flawed, because I never had this issue prior to the software update (prior to December (2022)/January (2023)). If this isn’t the culprit, then there must be an internal component that is prohibiting this function from properly operating.
EDIT: I need to retract my previous post. I thought that I had narrowed down the issue by adjusting the various options of the wash cycles. It turns out, that's incorrect. No matter which options I choose with each cycle, I get various results. I just ran 4 loads of laundry today, using different cycles, and none of the cycles yielded consistent results regardless of tinkering with the soil & extra rinse options.

Something else that I did not mention in my initial post: The Auto Detergent Despenser is empty (I cleaned it out) and the digital readout display states that I have 5 loads left... this is not accurate whatsoever. It should read 0.

I do have a repair tech scheduled on April 26, 2023 (on Wednesday).

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, I would like to know your thoughts. I'm trying to think of anything else that may be causing these issues. Thanks.
UPDATE: The repair technicians came, ran diagnostics, and then concluded that it needed a new control board. So the control board had to be ordered.

Now, the control board was installed today (May 8th, 2023). Yet, after four loads of various garments and towels, the problem still persists.

I'll keep this thread updated as I discover what the solution will be.
UPDATE: The repair tech came back today (May 19th, 2023). A water valve(s), and a new complete tray dispenser (the entire drawer) was replaced.

After 3 loads of laundry, this did fix the issue(s) that I was having.

^ I hope this thread helps someone who is experiencing similar problems. I practically had the same issue as this thread here: Thank You, Checkmate
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Glad to hear its working good again after the repair tech replaced those parts.(y)

Thanks for the update!

Yes, Thanks to also @Checkmate thread for helping you out.:)
UPDATE: I am now getting error codes: 91, 44, 38, 39. I do not know what 91 refers to, but 44 = Inverter Fault, 38 & 39 = Vent Damper. The issues that I'm now experiencing, are related to the 1 Step Wash and Dry feature. After a cycle is complete, it immediately ends the whole process instead of transitioning over to the vent/drying process.

I was instructed by the repair tech to file a separate ticket because my current case number had already been closed. After doing so, I'm now waiting on an appointment. The repair tech stated that those parts had to be ordered before anything could be done.

I've noticed over the past 3 years (pandemic-era manufacturing) if you are going to purchase major appliances, then it tends to be mandatory to purchase an extended warranty. I’ve gone through 2 washers and 1 dryer since 2020. All of them were either defective, manufactured incorrectly, or practically designed to only last 2 years. If I was forced to purchase another washer and dryer set, I honestly would not know which manufacturer to purchase from.

I've also noticed the same fashion trend in regards to PC components, but that's a different topic.

Introducing the Summer Fashion 2023 Line Up: DEFECTIVE. Coming to a local hardware store near you.
UPDATE: I'm now experiencing these recently cropped up problems:

1) Bleach instantly drains out from the tray compartment into the washer (could there be incorrect premature siphoning occurring?) 1oz to 3oz of bleach instantly drains out. It usually drains out about every other or third instance that I pour it in. A lot of product was wasted trying to troubleshoot this.

The repair tech called it in, and GE's response was that the customer (that's me) was inept at pouring the bleach into the tray.

^That's equivalent to purchasing an automobile with defective brakes, and when the motorist "failed to stop" it was because they did not know how to press on the brake pedal... Don't piss on my back and then tell me it's raining.

2) Regardless whether using the AUTO (Smart Dispense) or Manual (pouring soap into the manual compartment of the tray), there is too much soap left during and after the Rinse cycle. Suds are still left even if no soap is added and the Smart Dispense compartment is empty. Running a Rinse & Spin Cycle even after the previous cycle was completed still leaves soap in the basket (could soap be leaking out internally?).

^ GE's response, was the same as above.

3) Sometimes the rotating input knob’s indicator jumps around while trying to select a cycle. It usually tends to light up an incorrectly selected cycle, while navigating to the Bulky/Bedding or Towels selection(s) (could this be a short in the wiring?).

^ GE stopped listening after the first 2 issues were called out.

I’ve never had any of these issues occur prior to 6/16/2023.

The repair tech came today and explained to me that these particular issues are very common on these GE models. . . Not only that, but the "developer" who "engineers" these models implemented a design flaw that allows the liquid fabric softener to drain out a small hole, down into the basket. SO DO NOT PLAN ON RUNNING A DELAYED TIME CYCLE! Your fabric softener will leak out over time! You can test this by pouring some into the compartment tray, and then watching for it begin seeping out and running down the side.

GE knows about this, yet has the audacity to blame the customers for inept operation. . . oh my, at the irony. This is a case of the Herp leading the Derp. I may be ignorant to a degree, but only for the first go-round.

^ What kind of half-@$$ lazy-limp-d**k "engineering" is this?! I mean really WTF?! GE's Engineer needs to get out of his mother's basement and go discover just how "siphoning" actually works! I'm sick & tired of spending money & time trying to troubleshoot products/appliances that are defective.

I hope this thread can shine a light for those of you who are experiencing similar issues.

The repair technician was kind & understanding enough to explore all possible options, before making a final decision. I should have a final answer next week.
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