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FIXED GE Washer GTW460ASJ8WW - will not turn on after control board replacement

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Aug 14, 2021
New York
Model Number
1-5 years
-GE topload washer has always worked well. I think about 5 years old, could be more like 6 or 7 years old.
-I stupidly tried to wash pillows. Pillows heavily laden with water, I tried numerous Drain/Spin cycles to no avail, always unbalanced, would start drain and spin but could tell load was unbalanced as spinning started and eventually washer quit the cycle
-Tried to squeeze water out of pillows and I think I got water on the lid lock because when I tried it again the lid lock would not lock and light was blinking. I reached under to feel the lid lock switch, it was wet and gave me a shock (I know, stupid, should have pulled plug first).
- Unfortunately read some bad internet advice and tried to bypass the switch by cutting the red and yellow wires of the lid switch near the control panel and connecting them.
-When I plugged it back in I heard a "pop" noise from the control board, uh oh.
- I looked up the part purchased a new lid switch - WH08X32697
- installed new part, went through the error codes and had (23 crit lid lock fail, 9 lid swch redun, 28 options knob, 19 state timeout, 26 out of balance)
- cleared codes, retried, still got error code 23, could not get lid to lock and therefore those cycles wouldn't work.
- Found this website, wow, so much good info and help, read this post about the dangers of bypassing the switch and blowing the control board and needing to replace it.
- Looked up part, on AppliancePartsPros.com, and bought this control board: AP7012223 (WH22X32357)
- hooked it all up, but washer does not 'turn on'. Small green LED on control board blinks, but pressing buttons, holding for 10 seconds, pressing button and turning knob, nothing turns the washer on.

Any advice on what to check or what I did wrong. I realize I was throwing parts at the problem, never a good approach, but now I'm $250 in and still have a non-functioning washer.

Thank you in advance if you have ideas. There are some amazingly knowledgable and generous folks on this forum!
The new control board should of come with instructions to set the personality code, the washer will not work without you doing that FIRST.:)

Look in the package the control board came in for the instructions that tell you how to set the personality code.

Here's the control board for your model

Per--->GTW460**J8 / J9--->Your personality ID is 3.

Thanks for the replies. I did read the control board instructions for personality code and multiple posts on this forum about that topic, but my issue is I can't get the washer to turn on to even get to that part of the process. None of the LED's on the washer display 'turn on'. I know the board is getting power because I checked it with a multimeter and the very tiny LED on the board itself is blinking. But nothing happens when I press the start button for 10 seconds (or more).

Is there a chance the board itself is bad?
Also I've tried holding down the start button and turning the main knob seven times, done that both clockwise and counter clockwise.

The control board Jake lists is the exact one I purchased and very carefully installed. I checked multiple times that all the plugs into the control board are secure. I've tried unplugging, waiting, plugging back in, and then doing all the above mentioned button pushing and knob turning routines.
Then you may have a bad board, contact them and they will send you another new one.


AppliancePartsPros talked me through a few tests on the original 'new board' they sent then said they would send another new control board. Very impressed with their patience and help. Hooked the 2nd new control board up and everything worked exactly as it should. Set the personality (3) and did the spin test to test the lid lock, everything worked perfectly.

Thank you Jake and others for your input.

If anyone else ever reads this and is thinking they should 'jump' their lid lock I would strongly advise against it.
Excellent @bcw glad to hear the 2nd new control board fixed it.(y)

Thanks for the update!

If anyone else ever reads this and is thinking they should 'jump' their lid lock I would strongly advise against it.
You are very correct, many others have done that too and takes out the control board when the lid switch is jumped on these newer GE washer models.

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