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GE Washer GTW460ASJ9WW Gremlins in fill modes


Jul 30, 2023
Houston, Texas
Model Number
6-10 years
Ok folks, this one's got me stumped. Started having trouble with this washer GE (GTW460ASJ9WW ) about a month ago.
I don't do any work in or around the tub because it's just a tight fit in our home, I let techs come and do that sort of stuff.
We needed some suspension rods replaced for the tub and a tech came out and replaced them. Washer worked fine for about two weeks.
Then the city changed analog water meters to digital ones and at first I thought it was a water inlet problem from sediment or debris as we
are at the very end of the city services water lines. I checked water pressure coming in from city, all good. Did every diagnostics test possible
on the washer itself, all good (not even any error codes to reset). Made sure "Personality ID" for this particular GE washer was correct (3) after
tech cam and replaced the suspension rods, Check. Here's what the problem is. When my wife selects Small, Medium, Large or Ultra, on
manual fill knob, the water level consistently only fills to a certain level below what even a small load of water is needed and that's it, no
matter what type of cycle, no matter what manual fill size is. Hoping to solve the issue thinking it was more electronic than mechanical,
I replaced the mainboard, the water inlet valve, and the selector switch assembly that all reside in the topside control box that is on top of the washer.
Even checked the capacitor with a multimeter to make sure it was good, Check!
After reconnecting the water hoses and turning main water valves on I plugged it in, let it sit for a few minutes and went straight into diagnostics mode,
changed the personality ID to "3" according to the manual for my washer model number, then reperformed every diagnostic available to check for any errors.
No errors ,zilch, nada. So we disengaged diagnostics mode and set water fill level to "Large", the water temperature to "Hot" to wash some white clothes.
Washer filled to a "Large" capacity of water and the water it filled with was Hot, and it functioned perfectly, went into wash mode, agitated, drained and
spun the water out of clothes. Perfect, Right? Well, we went to bed and the next morning Wife put a load of cloths in, "Large" fill capacity,
selected "Cold" water and a normal wash cycle . . . . and it filled to a very minimal level of water that would not even be considered a small level load for washing.
I just don't know what the problem is and am now on the hunt for Gremlins in the washer! Anyone ever hear of this problem or have and tips or tricks to try in order to diagnose this further?

Thank y'all for your time!

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