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GE Washer GTW680BSJ6WS - It started running on its own AGAIN


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Jul 16, 2021
Milford, In
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Less than two months ago my washer started on its on. I posted a thread with the details on July 16, 2021. We replaced the main board and got a surge protector for the outlet and it seemed to work fine until last week. I did a quick wash and hadn’t taken the clothes out but had lifted the lid. A couple hours later we here it turn on and try to start draining and wouldn’t turn off. Cancel kept flashing across the screen but we couldn’t get it to do anything else. I reached down and felt the clothes and they were still wet.

My husband (a heating and cooling repairman) finally had time to look at it tonight. He unplugged the maroon plug from the back of the board labeled J512 subwasher and noted that there was a green light that was flashing about 1 flash per second. We ran a drain and spin cycle and it seemed to work. So we tried a load on the active wear setting. Hubby noted that it only went to spin mode at the end of the cycle and once again got stuck in the drain function and wouldn’t go into a spin. He checked to make sure the pressure switch was clear and that didn’t help, so he finally unplugged the maroon plug again and now it is spinning out. The second load ran fine. Any thoughts on what is going on? If it is the board again, is there any warranty on the board we bought in mid July?


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Aug 24, 2004
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Sep 15, 2021
North Branford, CT, USA
GE Tech fixes my washer, but you may be able to do it yourself if you have this model.
Hi all - My GE washer model number: GTW460ASJ8WW. Started on its own one day. Had to unplug to stop.
Here’s what the GE technician said when he came today. Sometimes when the machine gets off balance, water goes into the sensing tube and the computer thinks there’s water in the machine when there isn’t, hence the spontaneous starting. A GE technician came to the house, let it run (with the hood closed) for about ten minutes and it reset itself. That’s what happened with mine anyway. If it doesn’t, call GE customer service. But it’s worth trying this first.