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GE washer GTWN5050M0WS Does Nothing


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Mar 3, 2009
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More than 10 years
Read various posts. I do not see any led on the motor control board. No Flashing so I am assuming that is the problem. So before I junk the washer I wanted to make sure my conclusion is correct.
I did check the lid switch, and fuse. Symptoms are, set dial press start and normally it would start filling, but the fill light just blinks and beeps every so often. I would think even with the motor control board out is would still fill.

Before this happen I notice that behind the control panel there was a lot of clicking, if I turned the temp knob to cold it would stop. I see there are 3 relays on the control board.

One other thing, there was instructions in the machine to get error codes. I understand setting it up, but I do not understand the dial positions. Any help?

Well any suggestions or comments before I toss it let me know thank you
Hi, I talked about this here:

Your model uses the same exact motor.

Here's the motor inverter board assembly for your model:
Drive Motor WH20X10066
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