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FIXED GE Washer Spins For a Few Seconds then Stops GFW550SSN0WW


Aug 15, 2022
Oak Creek, Wisconsin
Model Number
1-5 years
Hey Everyone!

Our GE front load washer Model#GFW550SSN0WW started acting up yesterday after washing some bedding. This washer is 1.5 years old :mad:.

We put the next load in and we came back down and it was still soaked. So I tried an extra spin, and then tried starting it over. Nope, nothing! So I took the clothes out, I also checked the pump filter. Tried running in a spin cycle again. Pumped some of the water out, but when the basket started to spin it would stop after 3 -5 seconds and the time would just tick down. So I unplugged it and waited 15 minutes. Tried again to start a new load on "normal" mode. The water would start to fill, and the basket would spin 3-5 seconds then stop. Probably tried another combination of these steps 20+ times to see if I would just get lucky :rolleyes:.

I put the washer into diagnostic mode and I'm getting the error codes 26, 39, 34 and 3. I then went about testing the test 24 and test 14. Test 24 seemed to go well. During test 14 I encountered the same problem, drum spins for 3-5 seconds then stops.

Any recommendations on what to do? Anything I can do? Should I see if someone local is out there?

I've been to the GE website and their trip charge is $110 and they don't have anything available until August 24th. <- I will be washing clothes for a family of 6 by hand until this is fixed. While it is great for my forearms, we have lots of other things to be getting done.

Thank you for any recommendations!

I'm attaching your tech. data sheet below.

Is all the water out of the tub before it tries to go into the spin cycle? Also make sure nothing is binding the motor from turning.

Here's TEST 14:
• Pressing Start/Pause will start the test.
• Spin test will perform child safety.
• The door must be closed to start the test. If door is open the lock LED will blink.
• When started, the mode will shift to spin if required and the door will be locked.
• When mode shift is complete, the unit will begin spinning.
• Spin test will have a timeout (4 minutes).
• No OOB detection during the spin.
• The spin will stop when the test is exited.
• The door will unlock once the speed reaches 0 after the test is exited.

Ok, error code 3:
Screenshot 2022-08-15 19.29.39.png

The odd thing is I don't see a hall sensor for this model. I just see a accelerometer, and inverter board and main board.

I can ask Shawn aka @Shawnryan111 about this one, he's very good with GE appliances.



  • 31-3000219-3 GE GFW550SSN0WW GFW550SSN1WW GFW550SSN2WW Mini Manual (1).pdf
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I think the problem is with the motor or the inverter. I think the hall sensor is built in the motor.

But before we go there we need to determine a few things.

Is all the water being pumped out?

Are there alot of suds in the tub?

Does the tub spin freely by hand?

If I didn't find any problems there I would check the motor for continuity. You should see an ohm reading between 1,2 and 3 on the motor. I think it will be 6-20 ohms (the exact reading isn't important).

If the motor checks ok replace the inverter. I suspect the motor will be ok since it will run for a few seconds.

Continuity test is done with the washer unplugged and the motor harness unplugged test on the motor terminals.
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Was this issue resolved? My washer is having the exact same issue. Currently the inverter seems to be out of stock everywhere I’ve looked :(
Thanks for the update!

Here's the inverter board for GFW550SSN0WW as well, in case others need it too: Inverter Board WH22X35837

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