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FIXED GE Washer wont wash/spin GTW680BSJ3WS Serial # FG165571G HELP!!

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Oct 30, 2019
boiling springs PA
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1-5 years
Washer wont enter wash or spin mode at all. Water drain pump works but basket will not spin. It does spin when you do a spin test. The codes are 16 and 18 which is basically drain pump clearing algorithm failed. I check all the hoses and they are all clear.


  • GTW HTW MTW No spin agitate or drain.pdf
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I did this TSB and now the drum spins when you do a drain and spin cycle. Unfortunately now when you start a wash cycle it is endlessly stuck on the "sensing" cycle. Any ideas?
See if this pertains to your model:


  • GTW Service Flash-2.pdf
    229.1 KB · Views: 492
Hey Rick!
Thanks for reply. I meant to back on here. I fixed it this morning. I used the 1/16” drill bit and cleared out the chamber port flash. Also I noticed the tube was not connected to the port on the controller board either (it may have come off when I was dismantling the lid). Anyway, ran 4 loads now and so far so good. Couldn’t get past one load the past few days without the clothes soaking wet. Thanks for all the help! This forum is awesome!
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