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FIXED GE WBVH6240 stopping on heavy loads, testing questions


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Jan 1, 2018
los angeles
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More than 10 years
Hello group, we have an older 2009-2011 GE WBVH6240 front load over the years, I have replaced the shocks, springs, belt, switch and control board then found out I did not select the machine on the new board. On machine testing (in the test modes) it never has an error but in real life, if we try to do a heavier load the machine will stop about every 20 min of an 1.20 min cycle. Previously, I have checked the drain filter and as I said the belt and other things. Nothing ever seems broken or other...

I've been casually reading and looking at videos wondering if anyone has any ideas, in a couple of days I will receive a air bag lift and re-level the machine but wondering if anyone might think it is the motor brushes, or tub bearings or the clutch. This machine tops out at 1000 rpm and it gets there but I have lighten the load to do it. That makes me think the brushes or motor are wearing out and at the same time maybe the bearings lost some of the grease or are shot. I also wonder if the spider could be cracked or something occasionally it will bounce but not normally.

Thanks again for the help in advance, hope someone has any thoughts... Best David
Well I guess I fixed it, I noticed a new code showing the water valve had a problem and it did, no way to really test it via a meter so I ordered one a knock off via eba.... and it didn't really fit the mounting screw hole was off they told me to keep it and I decided to make a mount using some metal from a metal stud I had and some wood and Jb weld, sort of country style but I figured the u shape of the metal would keep the unit up not to mention the hoses really do the heavy work. The jb weld felt solid I did a couple of tests and left it. I also rebalanced the washer but now I have worn bearings!!!
Hi David, sorry we must of missed your thread by accident. Glad to hear the new water inlet valve fixed it.(y)

Here's the OEM water inlet valve for your model, in case others need it and don't want to buy it on ebay, the OEM one will fit perfect.
WH13X10023 Water Valve

I have worn bearings!!!
Motor bearings or outer rear drum bearings?

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