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GE WLSR2200 Agitates, Has trouble spinning


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Nov 10, 2019
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More than 10 years

I've used the forum in the past to help with some issues I was having with our GE WLSR2200 but I am about a week away from getting a new horrible HE machine if I can't figure this out.

The washer is agitating properly, draining properly but spinning with a medium to large load requires a helping hand to start.

I have replaced the start capacitor and verified the capacitance with a fluke (45uf) and the motor with a NOS unit from ebay. The old motor seemed to have a little too much resistance in one of the windings so I found the new motor for $45 and thought it was cheap enough to try.

The lid switch is bypassed (though it tested good), the water level switch is clear of any debris and the voltages to the start winding and high speed winding is appropriate for the motor.

What could be the problem?

The one thing I have not changed was the transmission (too expensive) and I am unsure of how it actually works, even after watching a few Youtube videos. I do not know if it has a clutch to engage the spin and if the clutch it worn. The only thing I do know is that it doesn't "brake" like it used to. The basket comes to a stop naturally as it spins down.

I am at my wits end since everything seems to be working appropriately from an electrical standpoint (and I'm an EE, so it's doubly frustrating!)

Thanks for any help.
I found the new motor for $45
I'd be a little suspicious if I paid $45 for $300 motor. Did you change the belt?
Motor was an ebay buy and seller said it was "new" (seller was a liquidator). I checked the windings and they're within spec for a motor like this and it looks identical to the original though it does actually look new. Motors like this aren't made in many different factories so likely the ones on the different repair sites are identical and made in the same factory.

Belt looks perfect. No cracking, fraying or delamination and tension before I replaced the motor was good. I replaced the motor and retensioned properly. The unit agitates vigorously so I figured it was not suspect, though my mower deck belt fooled me once!

If the belt isn't slipping, is there something else that can? When the spin cycle starts I can rub my hand on the drum and easily stop it from starting with little pressure. I can't do that with the agitate.
Based on the video linked below (~5:24), there's nothing that can actually slip while turning in the "spin direction" unless I'm completely mistaken.

When spinning, the cam assembly (clutch?) engages the dogs on the brake and compresses the pressure plate which then allows the whole unit to be direct driven by the belt. There doesn't seem to be any slipping that can occur other than the belt...am I going crazy or is that correct? When agitating, the brake is engaged and that stops the tub from moving. If the brake goes bad and doesn't engage or slips, the tub moves when agitating.

When on spin cycle, the whole shebang, brake assembly and transmission all spin together because they're all mechanically coupled by the cam and dogs engaging. If the cam were bad then it wouldn't spin at all because the brake would still be on but it wouldn't ever cause it to slip and not spin.

Am I thinking about this incorrectly?

I'm wondering if the belt is bad enough to still agitate (slow speed, not a lot of torque) but slip on heavy loads when trying to spin! I assume that's why you mentioned it in the first place. :unsure:

Also, I'm not usually awake at 0345 but my son just came downstairs, had a coughing fit (croup) and puked all over my shirt because of it as I was carrying him outside to get some cold air. Now I have more laundry to do!!! :sick:

Thank you for the help so far by the way. I've only had my wife to talk to about this with so far and she just wants a new washer by this point but I obviously have a character defect since I want to fix it, in her eyes at least, haha.
Yes, Rick is correct. When I worked for Sears I replaced a lot of these transmissions for a slow spinning issue and it fixed all mine I did, what happens is that break can stick in spin, thus making it spin slow and not fast.

I've only had my wife to talk to about this with so far and she just wants a new washer by this point
We have a old saying here: "If mamma aint happy, no ones happy" LOL, so if I was you I'd go to your nearest appliance store and get a new washer, today is Veterans Day, and all the appliance stores are having their annual Veterans Day sale today.

We recommend Speed Queen, Maytag, Whirlpool, Amana, Roper, Estate.

I'm not usually awake at 0345 but my son just came downstairs, had a coughing fit (croup) and puked all over my shirt
Hope your son gets better soon, I had that as a kid and it was no fun at all.🤒

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Thanks Jake!

If the brake is sticking, will the drum be able to spin fast? After I hear the cam engage the dogs (loud click) if I spin the drum a little bit the drum begins to spin and finishes the cycle as usual, wringing the clothes out properly. It never actually holds the drum like a sticking brake and it always gets up to speed. After it completes, it will coast to a stop as if there is no brake.

I'm looking at the 2019 Speed Queen TC500 I think it is. It's super expensive but I can't stomach the HE machines.
Found this excellent video on the limited grip spring on the bottom of the transmission assembly. Thought I'd post it for posterity.

Yes good video, that's basically how that all worked from back in the day, I even remember a brake solenoid on the old Norge Washers. Sounded like a shotgun going off. LOL

Which new washer did you get?

We didn't get one yet. I'm likely getting the TC5000WN when I pull the trigger. It's worth the money I think, based on the 2019 reviews and the 10 year warranty they're offering until the end of December. Kind of a no brainer if one can get the money together.
Ok, sounds good.:)

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